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Il domatore di Fiumi
Many inventions were born from Silvio Corradi's acute power of observation, most of which were patented.

His patents included a furrower for belt seeding, a modified Cornwall boiler for heating, a shutter stopping device and a current stabilizer. From his wide experience in the control of the rivers patents for a sewage treatment plant, material transported by the river, a switch for river water and a stabilizer for the course of a river were invented.

Not all these inventions are widely documented: the exception is a separation machine for the tomato concentrate industry.

Corradi‘s "Separasemi" (pulling the seeds apart) machine was made in two types: a larger one, capable of handling 1200 metric tons of tomatoes in 24 hours, and a smaller one, with a capacity of 800 metric tons, put on the market in the spring of 1928. Two innovative aspects of the machine are of interest, given the logic of industrial production today. The first is the compactness of the structure, in less than a cubic meter (77x60x55cm), "Separasemi" could dispose of the above mentioned quality of product with a certain speed. The second was the choise of materials and the attention paid to moving parts because the whole machine was easily disassembled for cleaning, so allowing the maximum hygiene.

  Silvio Corradi - il domatore di fiumi Silvio Corradi was a very practical man and with this machine he aimed at three tangible results: improved extractio with a smaller loss of tomato during processing, improved quality giving a better tasting conserved product thanks to the absence of seeds in the flesh and added value through the provision of the seeds themselves that could be reused for sowing, as feed for animals and other industrial applications.

Furthermore, the seedless tomato could be more easily processed and thus less steam was required during the blanching of the pulp leading to a lower consumption of energy. The tomato conserve remained an attractive bright red instead of suffering from the effect of steaming. The machines were a success, the advertising leaflet full of positive statements by the canning industry that used them.

The Cornwall type boiler for heating, modified to improve the combustion of wood and with a greater efficiency was the subject of a patent and some promotional activity. Corradi claimed to have quantified, thanks to the improved combustion of wood, at which the project was aimed, an improvement greater than 30% compared to the original boilers efficiency.
Silvio Corradi also devised a hot-air heating system that he experimented in his own home.