Silvio Corradi - Genio incompreso Silvio Corradi
Silvio Corradi - nuova teoria astronomica Astronomical Theory  
Silvio Corradi - il domatore di fiumi The tamer of rivers  
Agricoltura - un nuovo metodo di semina A new method of seeding
Silvia Corradi - Pioggia Artificiale Artificial Rain  
Silvio Corradi e la fisiologia Silvio Corradi and physiology  
Silvio Corradi - le altre invenzioni Other Inventions  
Silvio Corradi - opera libraria Bibliography  
Il domatore di Fiumi
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"What if Copernicus was wrong?
Impossible? Maybe not.
A self taught farmer who lived between 1890 and 1970, supported this idea and formulated a new astronomical theory. Unbelievable? Yes, maybe. To have an idea we don’t need to be scientists. To get in tune with the author, one needs freedom of thought, the ability to reason, but most of all to not accept on faith scientific theories. The new theory allows anyone who wishes to to observe, to challenge, to check every phenomenon described. The real difficulty is not understanding but to remove the preconceptions: the belief by the inexpert that the subject is outside of his understanding and by the scientist the certainty to be in the right with the impossibility to put under question a theory recognized and applied for almost 500 years. Thus the new theory is rejected before being considered. Galileo Galilei in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems expresses himself thus: ".... the natural sciences, the con - conclusions of which are true and necessary when they have to do with human judgement, must be careful not to jump to the defence of falsehood, because one thousand Demosthenes and one thousand Aristotles would remain at large with and against any mediocre talent who should venture alone to learn the truth ...."

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